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Please don’t judge me

((((((reverseswirl & sillou))))))


Track: Believe
Artist: Cher

My goal these days is to look menacing in a cool way… Dark makeup under my eyes, pointed eyebrows and expensive metal in my face.


My grey druzy TDs came in the mail today from Alternative Earth Organics (AEO)!!

they have SO much sparkle and little rainbows in the tiny crystals! i’m so in love <3 man they do amazing work!


if somebody says something that’s exciting to them or bigs news and you say “nobody cares” you are literally a huge asshole, why would you intentionally ruin somebody’s good feeling? what did you gain from that? the satisfaction of making somebody feel like shit for being happy? are you proud of that?

I’m honestly so fucking pumped about Creature Talk reaching it’s 100th episode this Saturday. This is a really great achievement for them as a group and for the fans

I have a huge soft spot for people who draw me…

A late birthday present for imorb!!! Chase in space, haha…

I was inspired by the cute flower crown that foxcosmos made and the cute blanket that reverseswirl gave to them a while ago, so this is what came of it!

Anonymous asked: Ugh I wish I was as pretty as you

I really appreciate your compliment, anon… 

Please know that you’re super pretty; It might sound cheesy to some, but really, everyone’s really awesome somehow and you’re rad

(((BREATHES DEEPLY))) I really hope I get a call back from Sally’s, I really need this job man…. I’m trying to smother my anxiety over it


Quaker parrots. Thousands of them.


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……………………How did you know